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Company Profile
RIDEE Intelligent Technology (Jiangsu) Co., established in 2016 year,Is a company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of private micro-transportation products,Focus on (hardware, smart, Internet +) R & D, innovation and integration of smart technologies.

The company owned brands EJACK, JACK HOT and EEBIKE, which EJACK brand has been the domestic and EU trademark,Its products are exported to overseas, by many buyers recognition and love.


2018 CES show

International Customer ELectronics Show (CES) Las Vegas, USA —— International Consumer Electronics Show


2017 IF design award

The company's JACK HOT brand won the 2017 IF design award in Germany,IF award-winning design industry Oscars.


2015 Jingdong crowdfunding

Jingdong crowd raise 1.2 million yuan - JACKHOT electric scooter crowdfunding project

The appearance of carbon fiber texture good,Excellent product quality, Deserves to be Germany IF award winning electric scooter.Instead of driving car,the electric scooter is coming,easy to folding, On the car at any time on the line,Dedicated hook is very useful,the balance of the scooter is very good, braking performance are very sensitive.The appearance of the scooter is very fashion,riding on the road has high head-turn !

Delowar Hossain

Very high value of the product, compact, workmanship is very delicate, the start and acceleration of power are quite fast, very sensitive brake, battery life is also very good, carrying the handlebar is more convenient to fold, personally think this car overall performance, After driving safety is also no problem!

Ohidul Islam

The product is very good, the test ride a bit, the lights are cool, well-controlled, smooth driving, light weight, fast speed, high local customer acceptance! Good quality control company, willing to continue to cooperate.

Louis LEE
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Questions & Answers

Where is the difference between carbon fiber and other materials?

Light than metal, high carbon content, high temperature, strong, both fiber flexibility.

What's the performance of the car in terms of portability and storage?

Handle removable, body folding one step, bus, subway easy to carry, storage space is small.

How the duration performance of the scooter?

High-performance lithium battery, fast charging, duration performance up to 100 km.